About Us

Hi our names are Alex & Christina. Are you confused because you thought our names would be Fritz & Lola? So let me tell you where it all began and explain who Fritz & Lola are. 

I am a country girl from Austria who happened to fall in love with an "Aussie Bloke." To answer your question, no I wasn't backpacking. Alex was living in London and travelling to Austria where we happened to meet and fall in love. And all this happened on Valentine's day. (cheesy right?!)  

A few years down the track we decided to move to Australia, I immediately fell in love with this country. Not just because of the scenery and nature, but mostly because of the open minded, warm hearted people that live here. 

My mother in law introduced me to yoga and i was hooked. What i couldn't understand was why people wear such beautiful clothes but use a boring, plain coloured mat with an ugly towel on top. This question was the beginning of it all. 

We live here on the Gold Coast where "looks matter" but not in a yoga setting? I just couldn't get it out of my head. I tried repeatedly to find a mat that I adored, but either I liked the design and not the material or vice versa. That where the idea of designing our own mats all began. 

Now nearly 3 years later we are proud to have launched Fritz & Lola!! We combine aesthetics with environmentally friendly materials to create what I was unable to find before. We use natural tree rubber, which means that our mats are PVC free. Ever purchased a mat and it smelt like its full of chemicals? Well that won't be the case here!

The natural suede surface prevents you from slipping in your hot yoga sessions and doubles as a towel. So no need to cover up your beautiful mat with an ugly towel. Our mats are 4.5mm thick (the perfect thickness in our opinion) to give you great support through the duration of your practice whilst keeping you grounded.

So where does the names Fritz & Lola come from now??? Well they are our fur babies and as you can see below they have already mastered Shavasana.